Website Design

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Our team worked with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to create an adventure campaign that took YouTube influencers outside of Bangkok to experience kayaking, rock climbing, and zip lining.

The challenge was that the travel audience of the world only thought of Bangkok when Thailand came up, and the many luxury amenities available in only in that area.

Our first goal was to educate consumers about the various nature and adventure experiences readily available to them in Thailand. This was done through the perspective of 4 famous YouTube adventure influencers.

We created a campaign of physical challenges for the adventurers to complete, and they broadcast their journeys across their social media platforms. The impact on their large followings was a strong foothold for Thailand to be seen as more than just Bangkok.

We partnered with GoPro and Adidas to amplify our message. These companies showed consumers that Thailand offers exciting activities that deserve attention. Not only was there a massive audience from the influencers, but a great pull by these companies. In fact, this campaign generated more than 1.5 million impressions in less than 10 days.

We created a website for the Burn to Earn #ThaiFitChallenge, which showcased the goings-on of the adventures, offered voting for each influencer, and drew prizes. This website created a great landing place for the buzz we were building. We won two awards for this website: Davey Award for Integrated Marketing Campaign, The Web Marketing Association Award for Best Travel Website.

A testament to cross-promotion, this campaign generated more than 250 pieces of social media content that focused on areas outside of Bangkok as well as the adventurer activities. This website also assisted with 7 “Buy Now” clicks on within 10 days for adventure specific tour packages.

Our efforts earned us The Integrated Campaign Gold Award and Tourism Website Silver Award from The Davey Awards. We also won The Mobile Standard of Excellence and Travel Standard of Excellence awards from The Web Association. A massive success, this case shows just how much impact a website can have.