You’re probably thinking, why bother spending money on branded terms that are already triggering organic listings? Or you may be worried that paid search ads will cannibalize your organic traffic. Google has conducted studies that show this isn’t the case. In fact, you should be bidding on your brand on ALL channels, and this is why.


#1 You Can Control the Messaging Around Your Brand

Paid ads give you the opportunity to create a message that will grab the attention of your audience and get them to visit your website. Organic search results might not send searchers to the most ideal landing pages, so take advantage of paid ads and send your audience to your highest converting landing pages.

#2 Dominate Your Search Engine Results Page

Bidding on your brand name allows you to show more listings on your brand search result page. That means more listings, more information, and taking up a lot more real estate on your brand SERP. By appearing in both the organic and paid ads columns, you are proving to your audience that you are a prominent player in your industry.

#3 Protect Your Brand from the Competition

Competitors are able to bid on YOUR brand name, which means that your competitors can steal away people that may be intending to go to your site, and they can do this at a pretty low cost. With a brand campaign, you can easily beat any competitors trying to poach business from you, while spending significantly less.

#4 Branded Terms are a Steal

Advertisers are all about finding an inexpensive, high-quality keyword, and branded keywords are an excellent option. Google already wants to give you priority since your website is the most relevant result to a branded search query. So you’re likely to have high Quality Scores and low CPC’s with branded terms, and the budget can go MUCH further.

#5 Complement Your Multi-Channel Strategy

There are hundreds of advertising platforms (like Social and Display) that you can be running at any given time, and branded search campaigns can complement them. While these channels can drive conversions, they can also drive increased brand awareness. Not everyone who sees a social or display ad takes immediate action, so having a brand campaign guarantees you’ll capture that traffic.

#6 Close Lower Funnel Leads

If a potential customer is searching for your brand name, then there’s a good chance that they’re already aware and interested in your product or service. They tend to know what they’re looking for and are generally farther along in the sales funnel than someone searching more generic terms.Still not buying it? I know some advertisers are hesitant about this strategy, and I totally get it! But why not give it a shot? Every PPC account is different and you’ll never know what works for yours unless you try out different options.

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