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We have worked with a multitude of restaurants and refined our skills for excellent restaurant marketing. We would love to share our special ingredients and secret recipe to help your business thrive with digital marketing. 

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Marketing Services

The restaurant business is all about pleasure - lingering flavors and memorable dining experiences. First, we get a good grasp of your brand, your services, and your business goals. Not sure about these? No problem. We also help clients develop their business goals to decide on which marketing solutions they need. 

Then we conduct potential customer and market research, study your guests’ and get a deep grasp of what pleases them. Together we build sustainable, effective brand strategies that will set you on your way to success. Our tracking and measuring tools ensure you’re always adapting and developing.

Many great dining experiences start with a trigger: a timely, well-placed text or video that magnetically pulls guests to a restaurant. Our marketing team has mastered the art of magnetic attraction through advertising. We can help you target the right people at the right time, and make them fall in love at first sight. Retargeting, display ads, influencer marketing, PPC ads, and many more - we have the right tools and techniques to attract new customers.

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They say first impressions linger. For many prospective guests, your website will be the first encounter with your restaurant. We recognize the significance of your website design, from backend to front end, and offer full-service support to create a magnificent website to charm your target audiences. We create wireframes optimized for different devices, mockups with beautiful design, responsive and mobile-friendly UI, and a smooth UX, and ensure that the end product works well with website audits.

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Social media is such a fertile ground for the restaurant industry, and we can make sure you reap all the benefits possible. With a comprehensive strategy across multiple social media platforms, you will effectively engage with your target audience and establish strong brand awareness. We offer support from beginning to end with strategy making, channel-specific solutions to increase engagement, account creation, and branding, campaign and community management, research, and analysis. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest - whichever will suit your purposes the best.

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Serving exquisite food is no longer enough to be the best - you also need to serve food for thought! From your landing pages to value-added content on your blog, videos, white papers, case studies, and infographics, we can garnish your website and social media to make them more appealing than ever. All of this, of course, is based on achieving your business goals and following SEO principles to achieve your marketing goals.

What’s in a name? In the restaurant industry, a lot! Good food and a good mood stay longer on people’s minds when you match it with a strong brand presence. We, as a restaurant marketing agency, can help you build a remarkable brand identity and promote it with the right brand awareness strategies to outshine your competition. Using powerful marketing tools and tasty ideas, we offer support with graphic design, logo design, brand messaging, brand positioning, and brand voice.

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Conquering search engine results is how you conquer the right audience. With our SEO and local SEO expertise, we help clients to optimize their websites for a visibility boost. Collaborate with us to rank higher on search result pages and attract more guests to your website, and eventually your restaurant.

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Email marketing has a key place especially in building and nurturing a loyal customer base. We help you establish long-lasting connections with your guests and keep them coming back. In parallel with your digital marketing strategy, we create special email campaigns, regular automated emails customized according to customer personas, or perhaps a birthday greeting. Let’s capture the hearts of your guests.

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Dining is never just about food, it’s a whole experience stimulating all five senses. The visual part of digital marketing strategy plays a key role in the guests’ experiences for gaining repeat customers. Before they even step through the door, before they have a bite, they can fall in love with the mouthwatering photographs of your dishes and the magic atmosphere of your restaurant. With our team of expert photographers, we can help you get there.

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Testimonials play a major role in customers’ decision-making process. Even if you have perfect dishes, the perfect atmosphere, perfect branding, and perfect customer service, a bad online reputation can harm your business. That's how online marketing with the help of a good digital marketing agency can boost you. Online reviews hold as much authority as professional restaurant critiques, and we can help you manage it across marketing channels.

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Over the years, we worked with Gourmet Marketing multiple times, from re-designing our website to optimizing our Local-SEO. They go above & beyond with the strategy and implementation, always stick to deadlines, are very informative and responsive. We appreciate their help with our marketing plans and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a partner.

Orhan Cakir | Owner, Pierre Loti Wine Bar


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Since 2009 we have delivered the best results for our clients and helped them succeed. Our designs and marketing campaigns were crowned with many prestigious awards in the marketing industry.

W3 2021 Silver Winner


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16th Davey Awards Gold Winner


Buy Now Stay Later

16th Davey Awards Silver Winner


Concorde Hotel

W3 2021 Gold Winner


Waterside Events

Waterside Events

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Our advertising team welds their restaurant marketing background together with the fresh dynamics of digital technologies. From Google Ads to display ads, we have the answers for every kind of question to advertise your restaurant.

Google Partner Google Hotel Ads

Paris Baguette

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Website Design

Neatly designed website architectures, captivating landing pages, chic and simple designs. Our website designs will hand you the keys to ultimate success, higher conversion rates, increased sales, and impressed visitors by applying your marketing strategies into a web design.


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Digital Strategy

Your digital presence is in expert hands with us. Let’s create a winning strategy across all platforms and enkindle your brand’s potential. We don’t just give you the fish, we don’t teach you to fish either—for you, we, as a restaurant marketing company, map out the ways to catch the biggest fish in the most resource-efficient manners.


The recipe for
a successful
restaurant marketing.

Gather the ingredients and prepare the kitchen, we will tell you the secrets of the making of a successful restaurant brand through marketing. You don’t need any prior experience. Our guide is tailor-made for anyone looking for a comprehensive marketing plan to set their restaurant business to success. Grab your copy for insights from the most recent data and trends, and the know-how of different platforms and tools for restaurant marketing.


What do we mean by restaurant marketing? How much does it affect business outcomes, really? Why do you need it? Where to start? Dive in with this very short introduction to restaurant marketing and its significance.

Inbound marketing is a top buzzword for our decade. But it’s very worth the buzz since it increases the website traffic of 92.3% of companies who adopt it in their marketing strategy. Are you already one of them? If not, this section can get you started. If you already are, you can find tips to step up your inbound marketing game. 

A restaurant’s website might be the make or break point for customer preferences. At least for the majority - 90% of guests research restaurants online before they go out to dine. How do you turn the visitors on your website into visitors to your restaurant premises? We compiled the critical points and details to pay attention to for a charming web design.

The three magic letters of digital marketing! As in every magic trick, it’s not a “supernatural phenomenon” for those who know how to pull it. How do you effectively integrate SEO on your restaurant website? What is Local SEO and why is it important for restaurant marketing? We have mastered the art of SEO magic in our 12 years of experience and compiled the tips and tricks for you.

The way to the heart may be through the stomach, but on the digital landscape, it is through value-added content. Looking to build a solid content strategy for your restaurant’s marketing, but don’t know where to start? If you are one of the innovative restaurant owners, look no further, let’s dive into the dos and don’ts. 

There are plenty of different options for digital advertising, and you need to find what works to market your restaurant. Paid advertising can boost your reach and increase your visibility when it’s done right. We give you a close look at Google Ads, display ads, and online delivery apps, as well as tips and tricks for effective restaurant advertising.

Email is still among the most popular channels of communication, checked daily by most people. If you can use it to your advantage, it can be a staple for your restaurant marketing strategy. The question is, how do you increase your open rates, click rates, and engagement rates? What are the tips for a foolproof email strategy for restaurant marketing? Dive in to find out!

Though a whole world on its own, social media has specific uses for restaurant marketing. There are certain platforms to prioritize, and certain dynamics and internal rules of each platform. With the right focus, the right strategies, you can reap the maximum benefit with minimal effort. Read our insights and tips to create the perfect social media marketing strategy for your restaurant.