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Waterside Restaurant & Catering partnered with Gourmet Marketing to create new brands for their popular wedding venue and an award-winning restaurant. Both services couldn't co-exist under one brand with their growing popularity.


Our partnership with Waterside began with retiring the old business name “Waterside Restaurant & Catering” and separating the brand into two new brands.

For the first phase, we created the leading brand, Waterside Events. Wedding & Corporate Events became the primary focus. We continued with the new logo, brand style guide, and brand voice to complete the website redesign to showcase why they are among NJ’s most popular wedding venues.

Waterside casestudy
Waterside casestudy
Waterside casestudy


Custom Design
ADA Compliance
On-Page Optimized


Gold Winner

Gold Winner

Restaurant Design

Gold Winner

Gold Winner

Restaurant Design

Waterside casestudy
Waterside casestudy
Waterside casestudy

Local Search Optimization was one the most critical steps. Since we were changing the business name and primary category, we needed to balance not disrupting the business while simultaneously increasing wedding bookings.

Waterside casestudy

57K Visited to Website
34K Requested Directions
28K Calls

Travel Ads
Social Ads

Over 18 months, using various advertising channels, we created a healthy sales pipeline for Waterside Events. We used PPC and Display Ads to find potential customers and introduced the Wedding Venue first. Choosing the right venue takes time. We made sure to remind consumers of us during their research using Remarketing and Retargeting ad campaigns.

16k People Visited

3.5k Leads

11% Conversion Rate

During the same period, we also supported their restaurant and generated additional revenue for the account.

7k Reservations

388 Reservations per Day