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Metasearch is the backbone of online booking. In fact, according to the Revenue Hub, 94% of travelers use metasearch before booking a hotel. Many direct bookings come from metasearch engines, thus your online marketing strategy should definitely incorporate metasearch ads.

Most metasearch ads work on a PPC (pay-per-click) basis, in contrast to OTA's which take a percentage of commission per booking. 

We have experience and expertise in various metasearch platforms such as Trivago, Kayak, Tripadvisor, and Google Hotel Ads, and offer solutions tailored for each platform.

We are a Google Partner Digital Marketing Agency, hence your PPC (pay-per-click) ad management will be in good hands with us. PPC is a marketing strategy must-have, as it yields great ROAS results. With our PPC marketing campaigns, your business will drive traffic directly to the booking engine on your hotel website and increase your direct bookings.

Using our SEO (search engine optimization) expertise, we conduct in-depth keyword research and create results-oriented PPC ad campaigns targeting your specific guest personas.

Facebook Travel Ads are a great tool helping businesses and service providers in the hospitality industry connect with their customers. Using Facebook Travel Ads, you can set up digital advertising campaigns on stories and feed both on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook's online marketing tools have highly customizable targeting options that not only have a high reach but also make sure your messages will come across the right people at the right times.

As a hotel digital marketing agency, we know how much time and resources can be consumed at the top part of the funnel - the prospecting phase. But when it's done right, prospecting can facilitate your whole marketing strategy. 

Our marketing company uses CRM and lead management tools and conducts research across platforms to identify warm and qualified prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Only 3% of guests who visit your hotel website for the first time finish booking on the spot, according to Business Insider. This statistic is very common, especially in eCommerce, but luckily it's not incurable. How do you capture the other 97% that got away?

With retargeting campaigns, we help you reach prospects that were already interested, and for some reason didn't complete a direct booking on your website. Using the correct incentives and techniques, retargeting can be the secret weapon of your digital marketing strategy.

Currently, 31% of ad-based bookings come from display advertising. The display ad platform with the highest reach is Google Ads and as a Google Partner, our agency is proficient in managing display ad campaigns.

Creative, eye-catching visuals combined with our marketing expertise bring out amazing results. Placed across websites, blogs, apps, and social media, display ads can strikingly increase traffic to your hotel website. 

These ads offer a highly personalized and relevant ad experience by leveraging shared data, creating even more conversion opportunities for your hotel. Social Ads are a must for your social media marketing strategy. 

OOH advertising includes everything from billboards to bus shelters and everything in between. As your marketing partner, we can help people notice your brand as they go about their daily lives.



Connecting the right guests with your hotel is our business.

With years of experience working for hospitality brands, we help you create a winning multichannel online advertising and marketing strategy. Based in New York City and working with hoteliers all around the world, we are committed to solidifying your online presence.

Our digital marketing services are tailored to take travel industry businesses to the next level. Let's collaborate, build your brand awareness, and give your bookings and conversion rates a boost.

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