As states across the country slowly lift stay-at-home orders, restaurants and bars are deciding whether to open their dining rooms. Over the last few weeks, guidelines and recommendations for reopening have been released, advising restaurants to increase their health and safety procedures. 

The CDC recently released a flowchart that assists restaurants and bars by asking questions regarding the reopening, health and safety, and ongoing monitoring. The flowchart begins by asking businesses if they should consider reopening. To reopen, the CDC advises that restaurants’ opening procedures be consistent with state and local orders. They also ask restaurants to be ready to protect employees at higher risk for severe illness.

If either of these stipulations is not agreed upon or met, restaurants are advised to stay closed. However, if the restaurant or bar agrees upon these requirements, they should read on to consider all health and safety actions. Below, the flow chart outlines the decisions for restaurants and bars to make regarding reopening.Although the CDC guidelines are important to implement, other rules and procedures must be considered as well. These include six feet of distance rules, mask usage rules, disposable menus, etc.