The Marmara Park Avenue

As a new entrant to the competitive luxury accommodation market of Manhattan, The Marmara Park Avenue brand had to both introduce and establish the value of this international hotel chain’s New York City location.

We supported the hotel with full brand identity development to help them communicate their brand effectively, connect with customers and leave a lasting impression.

Our visual design elements were inspired by the unique characteristics and personality of The Marmara Park Avenue. We incorporated the repeating designs in the heritage flooring of their historic location for uniquely identifiable design assets. These brand patterns are used across all print and digital marketing materials, including the website to bring a memorable, signature look to all branded collateral presented by the hotel.

Incorporating an existing logo, we further designed an integrated system of logos and icons in addition to the signature brand pattern, which brought added flexibility and could be used in various formats.

The logo form of an ‘M’ with a bird was essential for brand recognition – particularly important, since the brand was new to the region – so we looked for ways to feature that form on its own as much as possible across branded materials. A complementary color palette and marble backgrounds rounded out the key visual identity elements.

We finished by creating a comprehensive style guide to further support The Marmara Park Avenue in maintaining excellent brand cohesion and continuing to reach customers as their business grows.