How You Can Boost Tourism For Guests With Local Knowledge

Are you looking to increase tourism traffic in your locality?

This can be a great way to boost bookings at your hotel, but first you need to identify who you’re trying to attract, and why they’re going to come to your town or city over others.

Fortunately, you can establish yourself as an expert on local events and attractions, especially as you create targeted content for the market you’re looking to attract. As you develop your local knowledge, you’ll be able to make better recommendations for your guests and help them have a better time.

Here are several factors to think about as you look to boost tourism with local knowledge.

Your Location

Once your business is established, you can’t change much about the locality. You are where you are and you need to embrace it.

Some hotels are placed in advantageous locations to begin with. If this describes your business, then there is a good chance you’re already getting tourist traffic through your hotel. You can still benefit from learning about what there is to see and do in your part of the world, but in a way, you already have a built-in audience.

Meanwhile, businesses that aren’t strategically placed or simply aren’t in as attractive of locations should be thinking about why people are going to come to them. There may be specific events, sights, recreational activities, or other attractions that you have yet to leverage. Identifying potential draws and sharing them with your guests might give them a reason to come back and become a repeat guest.

Making promotional offers at strategic times of the year can also help you boost business.

Your Website

Once you know who your target audience is, you can begin to tailor your website for your ideal customers. You could create a landing page, or maybe a separate version of your website in a different language. Making it easy for overseas or out-of-country people to book with you is key to your success.

Here are several localization elements to think about:

  • Currency. Display prices in local currency.
  • Culture. Your prospects may not know anything about your country or culture. Helping them understand how things work in your locality can make them feel at ease about their trip.
  • Language. As we’ve already pointed out, you need to make it easy for people to understand what you offer. This isn’t just about the linguistics, but also about the specific words you use. Demonstrating a cultural understanding is key.

Other ways to demonstrate your understanding of local is to create great content that entertains and teaches people a little bit about significant happenings, sights, and events in your town or city. Whether it’s blog posts, podcast episodes, or videos, every piece of content you add can help build more trust.

Your Communication

You can be targeted and succinct in your communication, or you can be overbearing and domineering as you gain more knowledge about your locality. This goes for both your online and offline communication.

Guests aren’t necessarily going to want to hear about all the great restaurants to eat at and what they should do on Saturday when they first arrive. They may be tired from their trip and ready to head to their room to sleep.

You should make the effort to learn about your town or city, but this doesn’t mean you should unload on your guests. Being targeted in your communication and approach is just as important as becoming an expert in your niche. Demonstrate your expertise, but don’t bombard your guests with information when they haven’t asked.

Final Thoughts

Leveraging your local knowledge is a simple and effective way to attract more tourist bookings to your hotel. As you look to boost tourism, be aware of how you’re coming across. You must tailor your message to the people you’re trying to appeal to. You will build trust with your target audience if you serve them with excellence.