Over the past few months, your hotel may have been improving marketing strategies, amping up cleaning standards, and finding innovative ways to maintain social distancing rules. If you’ve created a safe environment for your guests with digital check-ins, keyless entries, and outstanding cleaning procedures, you’re halfway there.


You read that right. There’s more you can do to improve the quality of your guests’ hotel experience. The goal is to provide your guests with an exceptional experience that they will remember and lead them to book with you again. From customer service to accommodations, there is a multitude of ways to make their stay memorable.

Concierge service

Having a well-trained, knowledgeable concierge service will give you a leg up on many hotels that may not have these services. Your concierge service should be educated not only in your hotel but also in the surrounding area. 

Your guests will need help navigating the hotel and will most likely want information on nearby restaurants and attractions. Have your concierge service provide the best recommendations for dining, activities, and special events occurring at that time. Go one step further and offer guests coupons or promo codes for a show or dinner!

Top-notch toiletries

Most hotels offer tiny and sometimes cheap shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, and shower gel. Give your guests a more luxurious experience with higher quality products to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

In addition to higher quality products, offer additional extras that are not often seen in hotel bathrooms. For example, provide guests with disposable razors, hairbrushes, or makeup remover wipes.

Free drinks and snacks

We’re not saying make every item in the mini-bar free. However, most guests avoid the mini-bar altogether due to the high-priced items. Consider saving money by removing those items and opting for a few water bottles and a chocolate bar instead to welcome your guests. 

This sweet and thoughtful treat will be a welcoming surprise. People love free things, so no matter how small, it will be received with gratitude.

Branded goodbye gifts

As your guests depart after their stay, leave them with a little gift branded with your logo. Offer a notepad and pen, a small snack bag, or a branded drink to-go. It’s the thought that counts and your guests will remember how accommodating and generous your hotel was when they book again in the future. 


Never stop finding ways to improve the quality of your guests’ stay. Continue to work on cleaning standards, communication efforts, marketing strategies, and above all, how to make their stay more memorable. As a result, guests will rebook with you when they travel again.