Travelers’ behavior may change after COVID-19 with many guests desiring a more holistic experience. Even before the pandemic, travelers often sought out hotels with wellness amenities, including spas, healthy eating options, and adventurous activities. Now, this behavior is amplified, and health and wellness is a top priority.


Before travel picks back up, your hotel should decide how to improve its health and wellness offerings in order to entice travelers to stay with you. Travelers will be cautious when they begin to travel again, and their health is their primary concern. It’s up to your hotel to deliver a safe and holistic experience.

Wellness Center

If your hotel has a spa or wellness center, begin to think of new services to provide. Instead of contact massages and facials, offer sleep treatments, body-wraps such as mud or seaweed, or even hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy uses water at varying temperatures for health purposes and includes saunas, steam baths, hot and cold showers, and water therapy. These treatments support the body’s health and wellness and attract guests looking for minimal contact services. 

If your hotel does not have a spa or wellness center, there are still many ways to provide your guests with a spa-like experience. Utilize open and airy communal spaces throughout your hotel to host socially distanced yoga, exercise classes, or meditation practices. Encourage guests to join you at specific times of the day during their stay for a little R&R.

Nature Activities

Most people have been inside for quite some time, and quarantine has left travelers yearning for the great outdoors. If there are mountains, hiking trails, lakes, etc. near your hotel, start to market that through your website, social media, advertising, and email marketing. Let future guests know all about the outdoor activities they can experience when they stay with you, such as kayaking in the summer, skiing in the winter, hiking year-round, etc.!

The Much-Loved Staycation

There is a chance many of your future guests may actually live in driving distance of your hotel. Why? Because travelers are wary of getting on a plane, but they are still craving a weekend getaway even if it’s just a few hours from home. According to a survey by the AHLA, 44% of travelers are planning to take a vacation in 2020. Of that percentage of travelers, 72% of them are planning an overnight vacation via car.

Now, what should you do with this information? Create a kickass staycation package. And don’t forget to market it. Your staycation package can include luxury amenities, special wellness classes, outdoor activities, and more. Target guests within driving distance of your hotel, searching for a little getaway to refresh their mind, body, and soul.

Nutritious F&B

Finding a restaurant that has dine-in and takes health and safety seriously may be a daunting task for travelers that want a stress-free vacation. If your hotel has F&B, ensure your guests that you are taking every safety precaution recommended by the CDC. In addition, offer menu items that are nutritious and health-conscious. For example, consider using only organic and locally sourced ingredients. Offer vegan and vegetarian options. Avoid processed foods. These are all options your guests will gravitate towards and appreciate when staying with you.

Final Thoughts

Focus on health and wellness for the upcoming travel season. Future travelers may be health-conscious and seek out hotels that offer more holistic experiences. Keep this in mind for your amenities, wellness centers, local activities, and F&B.