One of the biggest seasons in travel is approaching. Yet, travel plans are still somewhat undecided amongst travelers due to fears brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.


If you’re a hotel, by now, you have temporarily closed your doors or are staying open with lower occupancy. While you can’t change the minds of travelers, what you can do is remain committed to health and safety to restore confidence in travel and stay at the forefront of travelers’ minds while they remain at home.

The rising popularity of the “staycation” is a great reason to start using social media, email newsletters, and any other virtual communication to stay relevant and restore confidence in travel. Once your guests are ready to travel again, you’ll want to be fresh in their minds.

Now how do you do this? Let’s go over a few ways you can get creative this summer by hosting a hotel staycation.

Social Media

The pandemic may separate us, but it can’t stop the beloved world of social media from keeping us connected virtually. There are a plethora of ways to utilize social media to increase engagement with your audience. It’s up to you to get creative with it.

Here are a few ideas to spark creativity.

Host a virtual event

Events include anything from a wine tasting to a cooking class to a bed-making tutorial. Create a beautiful graphic, add some CTA’s, and set a date and time for your audience to join you. 

Try to host an event at least once a month; that way, your audience has something fun and exciting to look forward to. If they are in anticipation of your virtual hotel event, your hotel will be on their minds.

Prepare for the 4th of July

National holidays are perfect for letting your creativity fly on social media. 

If your hotel is near a firework show, go LIVE on Instagram or Facebook. If your property has a restaurant, have your chef share delicious 4th of July-inspired dishes. Does your hotel have a bar? Host a virtual cocktail party with red, white, and blue themed cocktails.

Promote health and wellness

Health and safety is a priority for most people, especially now. Many people may want to change their diet and exercise routines. Take advantage of that by sharing at-home spa and workout tips.

If your hotel has a wellness center, share the products you use, such as lotions, essential oils, etc. Have your masseuses share massage tips for couples. Maybe go one step further and sell a wellness kit with spa-themed goodies inside for your guests to order online!

Final thoughts

While you share and promote fun activities, tips, and events, make sure you are portraying your hotel in a positive light. That means reflecting tranquility, open spaces, privacy, and of course, cleanliness.

While planning creative activities and events for a hotel staycation this summer, keep health and safety in mind. Find innovative ways to give your guests a summer to remember!