Although parts of the country are still closed, virtual activities and social media continue to be part of our everyday lives. Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants and hotels have been finding innovative ways to connect with their audience. From virtual events  to live cooking segments , there is a multitude of ways to engage with your audience creatively during this time. 


While thinking about what kinds of tactics to use on social media to engage with your audience, one thing to consider is national holidays. National holidays like Memorial Day and 4th of July are quite popular on social media. However, there are additionally other fun and creative holidays to implement in your strategy as well. These holidays include National Pet Day, National Margarita Day, and the list goes on!

As we approach June, let’s think about some of the ways your hotel or restaurant can implement fun and creative activities into your social media strategy. This way, you can say connected with your customers and be fresh in their minds once you reopen, and things start to go back to normal!

Memorial Day and 4th of July

These familiar holidays are often spent with a barbecue, family, and friends. Families flock to the beach to enjoy some quality time and celebrate summer. However, for some people, Memorial Day and 4th of July plans may be a little different this year.

If people are sheltering in place, think of ways you can make these holidays exciting for your audience. Take advantage of this time by thinking outside of the box. Many people may be looking up food recipes, cocktail recipes, and maybe even fun activities!

If you’re a restaurant, record a tutorial on how to make a fun Memorial Day summer cocktail. Share a yummy barbecue dish recipe for your audience to fire up on the grill.

If you’re a hotel, host a 4th of July barbecue from your hotel’s balcony! If your hotel’s location is near a firework show, set up a Live Cam for your audience to watch.

The possibilities are endless, so don’t hold back! And remember, use popular hashtags for a holiday to get attention and engagement.

National Food & Drink Holidays

There are a plethora of national food and drink holidays, and the social media world loves them. Whenever there is a chance to celebrate eating pizza or drinking a margarita, the world immediately partakes!

Some upcoming national food and drink holidays are National Cheese Day, National Martini Day, and National Ice Cream Day, to name a few. On National Cheese Day, host a virtual class on how to make a beautiful cheese board. Go live on your hotel balcony for your audience to enjoy the view while they enjoy a frosty treat on National Ice Cream Day. Start a vlog on mixology, and publish your first video on National Martini Day with an exclusive new martini!

There is no shortage of fun and quirky national holidays to celebrate. Take a look at the National Day Calendar for a full list of national holidays, and begin to think of innovative ways to incorporate them into your social media strategy. While we’re all stuck at home, we may as well have some fun!