While people continue to stay home and socially distance themselves, hotels are finding it increasingly difficult to remain engaged with their customers. Virtual experiences have become widely popular since the start of the pandemic. 


Therefore, now may be the time to take advantage of Virtual Hotel Events. Because so many have had to cancel events, concerts, and social gatherings, people are beginning to search for events to attend online.

To build brand awareness, stay connected, and possibly create brand partnerships, hotels can host virtual events online through social media, zoom, their website, or wherever they feel would benefit them most. 

Here are a few ways your hotel can host a virtual event. When reading over the list, keep in mind your hotel brand’s values.

Exercising and Wellness

While many people are socially distancing, they may be experiencing some anxiety or disconnect from the outside world. These times are unprecedented, and many people are looking for ways to practice self-care and keep their bodies moving.Host an exercise event

Consider hosting an exercise event. This event can be as frequent as you’d like. Focus on workouts that are low impact and easy for your audience to follow along to, with minimal equipment. Record these events in your hotel’s gym or wellness center.Practice self-care with a wellness event

Give tips on self-care with a wellness event—practice yoga or meditation with your audience. If you have a spa, host your virtual event there. This will give your audience a feeling like they are physically there, and possibly generate hope for the future when they can come to experience the spa for themselves.

Cooking Classes & Crafts

Since gyms, bars, restaurants, and shops are closed, many people have been trying to find creative ways to keep busy. Whether it’s a puzzle, board game, TV show, or cooking, many people are looking for ideas online.Host an event in your hotel kitchen or bar

If your hotel has an F&B, now is the time to utilize your kitchen. Many online users are flocking to how-to videos for a delicious new dinner dish or baked good to try. Take your customers behind-the-scenes with a tutorial on how to make the perfect Flank Steak. Host a happy hour of your bartenders shaking up a fancy new cocktail.Partner with local businesses to host an arts & crafts event

Are you a family-friendly hotel? Get crafty with it by hosting an arts and crafts event for your family customers! These events may also be an excellent opportunity to reach out to local artists to create brand partnerships. While thinking about what kinds of virtual events your hotel can host, also think about potential partnerships along the way. Many small businesses are struggling right now, so partnering with them can not only help their businesses but also create a wonderful new relationship for the future.