Hotel Tonight offers customers last-minute deals on hotel bookings.


Unlike most OTAs, their focus is entirely on people looking to find deals on hotels tonight, tomorrow, or maybe a week out at most.

Creating a presence with them will put you in touch with their younger target audience and boost bookings, particularly with rooms you have trouble filling.

Here’s how you can grow your business with Hotel Tonight.

Visual Marketing

As with any other OTA or hotel website, your visuals are key to your success. You have but to look at the homepage of Hotel Tonight, and you can see that their images are carefully hand-selected and beautiful.

Most hotels have high-quality photography of their property and rooms already, but if your business is a laggard and you don’t have good visuals yet, this would be a good time to get it taken care of. Find a professional photographer in your locality to help you with this.

People are visual as-is, but Hotel Tonight primarily appeals to a younger generation, which means your visuals need to be on-par with your competitors, and if possible, better. Make smart use of visual marketing to boost your business.  

Appeal To A Younger Generation & Broaden Your Appeal

Are you having difficulties appealing to millennials and generation Z? Do most of your bookings come from repeat customers?

Since Hotel Tonight is geared towards the last-minute nature of the younger generation, registering with them could help you broaden your customer base.

Per Hotel Tonight, booking behaviors have changed considerably. Half of all hotel bookings happen within seven days of check-in. And mobile bookings are on the rise. If you want to catch the wave of fast-changing trends, get your hotel listed with Hotel Tonight.

Boost Your Mobile Presence

We’ve already alluded to the importance of appealing to a mobile audience. But developing an attractive, user-friendly website or app can be costly and difficult. You may not have the time or resources to consider it right this minute.

Fortunately, Hotel Tonight already has a great app. So, when you register your hotel with them, you can be sure that customer experience is at the forefront.

You may still want to develop a mobile-friendly app or website down the line, but for now, there’s no reason to put off building your mobile presence.


Per Hotel Tonight, “you get access to our world-class targeting tools and maintain 100% flexibility and control of your inventory at all times… You can get more or less aggressive with your inventory depending on your in-the-moment needs.”

Too much growth too soon is not a good thing for any business. It can drain your resources and make it hard for you to keep up the quality of service with all the new customers you’re serving.

Hotel Tonight lets you promote as aggressively as you want. You don’t have to open a set number of rooms, and you can open more if you’re ready to take on an influx of customers. That flexibility is crucial for business owners.

Boost Business

Finally, if your marketing and positioning is effective, you should see an increase in bookings from Hotel Tonight. This should help you drive more revenue from previously unoccupied rooms.

The rest is up to you. If you serve your customers well, they will want to come back and become loyal, repeat customers.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned about some of the ways partnering with Hotel Tonight can help you grow your business.

Leveraging OTAs is wise, but depending on them 100% is not. You should still have your own website and your own marketing. This will protect you from unforeseen risk. Third-party sites can change their terms of agreement, and sometimes get bought out or shut down completely. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own company.