On May 5th, the World Central Kitchen chef, José Andrés, announced the creation of the FEED Act, FEMA Empowering Essential Deliveries.

As small independent restaurants and food suppliers are struggling to get by, the World Central Kitchen has created the FEED Act to utilize the restaurant industry to feed those most vulnerable during these times.

Chef José Andrés is partnering with Senators Kamala Harris and Tim Scott, and Representatives Mike Thompson, Jim McGovern, and Rodney Davis on the FEED Act. The team introduced this bill to “allow the federal government to pay one hundred percent of the cost to state and local governments so they can partner with restaurants and nonprofits to prepare nutritious meals for those who need them,” said Representative Mike Thompson.

Since the start of the pandemic, José Andrés and Think Food Group have been feeding those in need by opening up community kitchens across the country. 

Partnerships between the local governments and restaurants are hoping to come from the FEED Act to help the restaurant and food industries as well as to get meals to people in need.

This new bill can provide aid to restaurants by utilizing them during these difficult times. To read the act in full text, visit here.