Restaurants across the nation, most recently in NYC and the tri-state area, have been closing down in response to the increased risk of the COVID-19 outbreak in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus and encourage social distancing.

Amongst those that have shut down their facilities are renowned chef, José Andrés, and Think Food Group who have temporarily closed each of their restaurants in the Washington D.C. area and NYC as of March 15th in order to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. 

While many restaurants are continuing to close across the country, Think Food Group and Chef José Andrés are fighting the virus the best way they know how: feeding those in need. To ensure those in need have access to food, Think Food Group will repurpose most of their locations as “community kitchens” from their side doors, with affordable plates available for takeout. 

Starting Tuesday, March 17th, the community kitchens will operate out of the restaurants’ side doors with a limited number of volunteers from 12-5 pm daily, serving only takeout. 

The list of restaurants that will be opening as community kitchens can be found here. If you or anyone you know in these areas are in need of food, visit this link to find out more information on the community kitchens, and where they are located near you.