While times are uncertain and “back to normal” is seemingly far away, hotels are adjusting to the “new” normal by changing certain practices and rethinking their design. Hotel designers worldwide are revamping hotel lobbies, guest rooms, and common areas with socially distanced design. 

Upon entering restaurants or grocery stores, you’ll often find social distance practices such as farther apart tables, 6ft apart stickers on the floors, etc. Hotel designers are adopting these practices, but with a more comforting and welcoming approach.

Lobby Design

According to Business Insider, a Los Angeles-based design group called Built, Inc. is trying an approach that will help guests feel more comfortable and less trapped, such as bookshelves with objects instead of a plain screen wall. The design group also plans on using floor marks and signs that will encourage guests to maintain social distancing, but that will also be on-brand to the hotel’s colors, fonts, etc. 

Meetings and Events

As for meetings and events, Built, Inc.’s president, John M. Sofio, believes ‘Zoom Rooms’ would be a great alternative with green screens, webcams, and high-quality broadcasting equipment, according to Business Insider

Outdoor Spaces

A light will shine brighter on outdoor spaces. As we head into winter, hotels are starting to think of ways to keep the outdoor space open to blur the line between indoor and outdoor. According to MyInspireDesign.com, hotels will invest in fire pits, heating towers, and more. 

Final Thoughts

If you are rethinking your hotel’s design, particularly to create more space for social distancing, keep the design on-brand and welcoming instead of cold and uninviting. Your guests will want to feel safe in your hotel and know you are taking the correct precautions. However, they also want an enjoyable experience with you, which will, in turn, lead them to rebook with you again in the future.