Every hotel wants to generate more revenue.

One way to create a valuable income stream for your business is by better utilizing the space available to you – namely, your event hall or conference room, and in some cases, other areas of your property.

If you price rental fees strategically, not only can you attract the business community, but also make your property available for social events like reunions and birthday parties, as well as special occasions like weddings.

Here are several tips for how to succeed with private hotel events.


Understand Your Customer

What kind of guests are you regularly attracting at your hotel?

Your marketing needs to reflect your target audience. If you aren’t serving businesspeople at your hotel often, marketing to them might generate some results, but it won’t be as effective as catering to the people you are encountering daily.

For instance, marketing your venue as a place for family gatherings and reunions might be a better option than targeting the business community. The opposite may be true depending on your business.

Start with who you’re serving now – you can always branch out from there. Also, encourage guests to get on your email list so you can promote directly to them.

Use Compelling Photography In Your Marketing

No one will book events at your hotel if they don’t even know they can.

The best way to build awareness on your website and print materials is with compelling photography. Skip the stock photography and hire a professional to snap photos on-site. People want to see what your rooms have to offer, and they will only begin to realize the possibilities if they can see exactly what they look like, and what kind of events are being held at your property.

Professional photographers are experts at capturing the unique features of the room. Find a skilled and qualified service provider to help with your image needs.

Share Customer Stories

Quotes, testimonials, positive reviews, and praise are all valuable elements to use in your marketing. But there is one thing more powerful than all these – stories.

Are you regularly booking weddings at your property? Then have brides share their stories. If they had a positive experience, their tales will become like lightning rods, attracting a steady flow of new customers.

This can also work for parties and reunions, particularly those where people had a good time. Obtaining stories from business meeting attendees may not be as valuable of an exercise, but in some cases this can still yield interesting content.

Bottom line – collect real-life accounts from those who use your venue.

Handle Bookings Like A Professional

Chances are you already have systems, policies, procedures, and maybe even software in place to ensure you avoid double-bookings with guests who are staying at your hotel. The same level of diligence and excellence of service should also be reflected in your event booking efforts.

Prepare welcome kits, brochures, and booking documents for your customers. Ensure they are equipped with all the knowledge they need to hold a safe and successful event.

Get to know those who book with you and call them by name. Give them a thank-you note after their event has been completed. Offer discounts for future bookings.

There are many incentives you can offer to stimulate future business. Provide the best experience you possibly can, as word-of-mouth is the most valuable form of free advertising you can get.


There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting more bookings for private events and offering excellent customer service. Before putting a new program in place, make sure you have the resources and personnel to move forward with it. Overwhelm can set in quickly if you aren’t adequately equipped.