Social Media and PR: A Credibility Goldmine for Your Hotel

Every hotelier should take time to clarify their brand message.

This makes it easier for you to attract your target customers. It helps your future guests gain a better understanding of who you are and why they should stay at your property.

But if you want to take things to the next level, you can’t rely entirely on your own messaging. You need to get others talking about you too.

This is where social media and PR comes in. They are both valuable marketing tools on their own. But together, they are nothing short of powerful.

Here is how you can use social media and PR to boost your credibility.

The Difference Between Social Media & PR

Both social media and PR are tools for building connections and sharing your message. In that sense, there isn’t much difference between the two.

PR, however, typically targets media – TV, newspapers, magazines, journalists, and so on. Social media targets your followers, as well as customers, prospects, and future followers. This isn’t to say that you can’t use social media to connect with the media too, however.

PR often requires a polished message. You can incorporate humor and personality into your press releases and guest appearances, but a certain level of professionalism is expected. You shouldn’t issue a news release unless you have something newsworthy to share.

With social media, you can be spontaneous and fun, and that typically resonates better with social media users. Posting often keeps you top-of-mind with your audience and gives you a chance to experiment with different approaches until you find something that connects with your audience.

Using Social Media To Amplify Your PR Efforts

Social media makes it easy for you to reach a broader audience with your PR. It’s one of the best tools available for sharing up-to-the-minute news, and it can also be used to connect with media people and journalists.

It’s still important to be targeted in your approach. Don’t follow or add people to your list just because they are in media. Take the time to find and connect with bloggers and media people that cover your industry, and you will have better success. Also, share updates that are relevant to your followers, and ultimately cast you in a positive light.

The ability to share news on social media makes it possible for you to deliver it to people faster. This can also lead to increased exposure. A single news item can travel further and help you gain more traction thanks to social media.

Social media can also foster a better connection with your audience. They can share your posts or comment on them and feel like they are a part of your growth and evolution as a business. It’s important to be aware of the opposite, which is backlash, but this is avoidable if your messaging is on-point.

Most importantly, when the media covers your story, you can share it on your social networks. This gives your followers the opportunity to celebrate your successes with you. And as others cover your stories and talk more about your brand, you’ll see your credibility soar too. It’s amazing what you can do with content you didn’t even have to spend time and resources creating.

But don’t just rely on the media to talk about you. Be proactive in finding opportunities. Use a site like PRWeb to distribute your own press releases when you have something significant to share with the world. Use Help A Reporter to get connected with people who are crafting stories on the hospitality industry. Additionally, use social media to build new relationships.


Not all PR campaigns end in fanfare and celebration.

The wrong message at the wrong time can do more harm than good. It’s about knowing what to share and when.

This isn’t necessarily easy. But staying up-to-date with world events and public sentiment can help you avoid costly mistakes.

And, fortunately, the right message at the right time can cause your credibility to skyrocket, leading to new opportunities and increased business.