From OTAs to Airbnb, there are many tools and apps that help people discover the adventures that await them across the world.


On the one hand, the disruption may feel unsettling to hoteliers, as they can potentially whisk business away from traditional businesses. On the other hand, they could help bring more business to your hotel, because they are designed to help travelers discover destinations.

Jetsetter is a great example of a company that’s doing this very thing – informing travelers, as well as giving them advice on where to go and what to do. They offer exclusive deals to travel experiences they recommend, curating the best offers for their users.

What Is Jetsetter?

Jetsetter is a brand that belongs to TripAdvisor.

They help consumers find places to stay in popular destinations like New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Paris, and others. They also offer special deals in a variety of locations, and traveling tips in their Magazine section.

More than 200 journalists work with Jetsetter and verify locations by staying at their property. They will check to ensure that the property meets their quality standards, from the bed to the shower pressure.

They will also turn their users onto better alternatives. For instance, if the hotel breakfast is mediocre, but there are better options just down the road, they’ll steer guests in that direction.

A Jetsetter approved location is one their team hasn’t stayed at, but they believe is still a good option for travelers.

Jetsetter is essentially a tastemaker for travelers, the same way a radio DJ can be a tastemaker for music listeners. They give recommendations and offer deals to their users.

Should I Book My Next Trip With Jetsetter?

As you already know, Jetsetter offers daily deals on trips to Indonesia, England, Morocco, Thailand, and others. These are exclusive offers you’d have a hard time finding elsewhere.

But whether to book with Jetsetter or another service depends on the offer as well as what you’re looking for in a trip.

A surface level search for online reviews pertaining to Jetsetter shows mixed results. Some customers loved the experience. Others ran into unexpected issues. Jetsetter is proactive about replying to negative comments and working to make things right for customers, which is certainly more than can be said for some businesses.

When you’re traveling, the unexpected can occur. Pools can close. Rooms rates can fluctuate. Your experience may vary from what was advertised.

As with booking on any other site, you need to take some precautions. You should pay attention to the terms of use or other notices, as well as product descriptions. And in some cases, you may be forwarded to a partner company or site. The deal advertised may not be the same on a partner site as that of a listing on Jetsetter.

Booking on Jetsetter is generally a good idea if you know exactly what you want and if the trip meets your requirements. But it’s best not to view them as a travel agency that’s going to ensure a great experience from start to finish. Rather, they are curators connecting you with potential deals. You’ll still need to do your due diligence and research for the best experience possible.

If a travel agent is what you’re looking for, then contact a travel agent. Use Jetsetter when you’d like to explore offers you can take advantage of.

Final Thoughts

In most cases, Jetsetter is best utilized in connection with other resources, whether that’s a knowledgeable friend or tips from other reviewers. As with any major purchase, you should read the fine print, find out exactly what to expect, and determine whether the deal is right for you.

Just because there’s a sale doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it. Slow down, and get all the details before you commit.