Although current times continue to be uncertain, it’s best to prepare yourself for the new normal post-COVID, especially within the hospitality industry. Hotel recovery is entirely dependent on consumers’ behavior and trust and confidence in your establishment.


When travel begins to pick up again, it is presumed that business travel will bounce back first. Along with business travel comes more meetings and events. However, expect for more intimate gatherings than large corporate events.

Below are some changes your hotel should prepare for when hosting meetings and events.

Temperature Checks

We’ve seen temperature checks implemented in many businesses, including retail, salon, and some cases grocery stores. The EEOC has approved the practice of conducting temperature checks under the Pandemic Preparedness in the Workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act. If an attendee has a fever, they will not be permitted to enter the event. It would be wise to take temperature checks of all employees and workers of the event as well. 

Face Coverings

Since the start of the pandemic, individuals have been wearing masks and are required to enter certain establishments with a face covering. Provide attendees with masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves. In addition, it would be wise to set up hand sanitizing stations throughout the space for the attendees and employees working at the event. 

Social Distancing Layout

Set up tables six feet apart and space markers on the floor to encourage six feet of distancing and manage traffic. The aisles should be large enough for attendees and employees to walk around comfortably and at a safe distance. In addition, during breakout sessions, this would be a great time to utilize other areas of the hotel, such as the lobby or outdoor space.

Food & Beverage

Require all employees to wear PPE (personal protective equipment), including masks and gloves. Buffets should be eliminated and replaced with pre-made food and drinks. The refreshments should be served in a contactless way that is both safe and efficient.

Virtual Tours

Businesses may prefer to tour your property before hosting an event there. While people continue to socially distance, a great way to show your hotel’s event space is with a virtual tour on your website.

Start the virtual tour off as if it were in person. Virtually lead your guests through the space. People love visuals, and videos are much more enticing and engaging than photos.

Final Thoughts

Health and safety are crucial for business meetings and events. It starts with cleaning protocols, staff training, and implementing procedures that act in accordance with the “new normal.”