Business travel took a hit when COVID-19 began, and the hotel and travel industry felt its effects. However, now that states are reopening, companies are discussing traveling once again, even if it may be limited.


Once business travel starts to pick back up, travelers will want a safe and comfortable place to stay. That’s where you come in. Below are a few ways your hotel can attract business travelers.

Keep your guests connected to the digital world

When it comes to amenities, business travelers care less about luxury and more about digital accessibility. Make sure your hotel has top-notch Wi-Fi that is free and high-speed. 

The Internet is an essential amenity for business travelers, as they have to stay connected while on business. Having a slow internet will frustrate your guests and lead them to avoid staying with you again. 

Arrange a WFH space

Workspaces are critical for business travelers, as they are away from the office and will need a place to get down to business. Make sure the space is comfortable with adequate lighting and necessary features such as outlets.

If your guest rooms do not have space for desks, consider having a business center that guests can use 24/7. 

Provide a dry-cleaning service

Business travelers are most likely traveling to visit a client or attend an important meeting. Therefore, they will need to look presentable. Having a dry-cleaning service is a welcoming luxury for your guests. It’s also convenient for those that are too busy working to find a dry-cleaning service nearby in an unfamiliar city.

Offer business traveler loyalty programs

Business travelers tend to visit the same city more than once, and they will want the best deal possible for a hotel stay. Increase their loyalty to your hotel by offering an exclusive loyalty program for business travelers.

Provide returning guests with exclusive offers. For example, create a points system for guests to use towards free stays, upgrades, or luxury amenities.

Don’t forget about your blog

Your hotel blog can offer a vast source of information that can be very beneficial to business travelers. For example, create a blog that acts as a guide to your city. Business professionals research the best places to stay when traveling for work. 

If your hotel creates content that highlights the best businesses, restaurants, and sights nearby, you may just be pushed to the top of their list.  

Safety is your top priority

Health and safety are crucial during these times and will be in the foreseeable future. It starts with cleaning protocols, staff training, and implementing procedures that act in accordance with the “new normal.”

Once you have created a solid plan and start implementing these changes, the next step is to put these changes front and center: on your website, social media, and email marketing. Let your customers know you are taking every precaution, and that their safety and well-being are your top priority.