Whether your hotel is open, there are still a few roadblocks that are hurting the hotel industry. Countries are increasing travel restrictions, travelers are weary of staying in hotels, and hotels are struggling to remain relevant.


One way to keep travelers’ spirits up while also staying at the top of their minds is through content marketing. Reconnect with your audience by creating content that is both sensitive and relevant to the current times and true to your brand.

Let’s take a look at a few topics your hotel can cover over the next couple of months that are beneficial to both your hotel and your audience.

Pandemic-survival kit

Your audience is most likely stuck at home with their kids, roommates, or family members. One of the top concerns for most people right now is keeping their homes clean and safe.

Offer tips that will help your guests keep their homes clean, such as the best cleaning products your housekeeping staff uses, how to best wash towels and linens, or other innovative and helpful home cleaning tips.

Another blog to add to your pandemic-survival tips series is a 5-day dinner plan. If your hotel has a restaurant, have your chef share five easy dinners for busy working moms and dads to make at home. Offer hacks like how to store food or repurpose leftovers. 

The opportunities are endless and will be extremely helpful to your audience. When they begin to travel again, they will remember the valuable tips and tricks your hotel provided for them during these hard times.

A guide to local activities

Although many people are not traveling, most are still leaving their homes for fresh air and a change of scenery. Create a blog that offers as a local guide to attractions near your hotel.

For example, if your hotel is located in New York, write about the top places to visit in your neighborhood that are primarily outdoors. To stay sensitive to the situation, encourage the usage of masks, and let your audience know social distancing is in effect and that these areas are safe to visit.

This blog would be beneficial for those who live in the area and those interested in visiting. Reading about the fun activities to do in your area may also encourage them to travel there and stay with you.

Hotel changes and efforts

Since the start of the pandemic, your hotel may have undergone a few changes. Particularly, cleaning and sanitation procedures. Write a blog about the changes you have implemented thus far with photos to back it up.

If your hotel is currently changing, that’s great! Write more articles. Let your audience know about each new change and how your hotel is dedicated to making their stay safe.

Final thoughts

By consistently adding content to your website, your hotel is staying relevant and in the minds of your readers and future guests. You’re not just a hotel; you’re a confidant with helpful tips and advice during hard times. Building strong content builds strong relationships with your audience.