Some hotels continue to innovate and look to the future, while others remain unchanged.


If your business model works, and it generates results, there’s very little reason to change it. But this doesn’t mean new, interesting developments don’t continue to unfold across the globe.

Many hotels are now becoming more tech-oriented than ever before, some requiring little human involvement. Technology will continue to change the way people think about hospitality in the years to come. These innovations will be interesting to watch.

The new Holiday Inn & Suites Houston West – Katy Mills is a noteworthy example of some of the developments that are now happening. What makes it noteworthy? Read on.

New Holiday Inn In Houston, Texas

Per Hospitality Net, the new 100-room Holiday Inn will be operated by Marin Management, Inc. and is currently in the process of being built.

This property is being built around a new Holiday Inn concept, which is called H4. H4 stands for “happiness, hospitality, home and Holiday Inn”. The location will feature new, modern guestroom designs, which will allegedly make them feel more like home.

What’s also of interest is that they are planning for 3,000 square feet of event space, an indoor heated pool, a fitness center, and an entertainment room, which will feature several 50-inch LED TVs and a pool table.

The “Burger Theory” restaurant concept is also new, and will allow guests to enjoy custom-made burgers and local craft beers any time of the day.

What Is Your Hotel Concept?

A hotel is a place to stay. But it can be so much more than that. There’s a reason why people love to stay at certain hotels over others.

Your hotel concept plays a critical role in attracting guests and turning them into loyal customers.

As we can see from the Holiday Inn example above, their concept is to create a comfortable space for their guests – not just a place to stay. They’re looking to make it a fun and engaging environment, a place where people can indulge in burgers and craft beers.

There are several things to consider when developing your concept, including:

  • The customer. What do they want and what are they looking for? What does their buying behavior say about them? These guiding questions can help you develop a facility that better serves the needs of your guests.
  • The location. What advantages do you have? Are there historical sites nearby? Is there something about the history of the location that stands out? If you can, try combining a few different attributes to develop your unique concept.
  • The story. Your story should be carefully crafted to reflect the needs, demands, and interests of your target customers. Consider what your values are, and how they connect with your guests. Develop a story that’s easy to share and will connect with your customers.

These are just a few major considerations you’ll want to account for when developing your unique hotel concept. There may be other factors worth looking at, depending on what you have in mind.


Are you looking to open a new location? Are you thinking about making some changes or trying out a new concept?

The new Holiday Inn is but one instance of fascinating developments that could change the way people look at hotels, but more on a concept level than a technological level.

As we look to the future, it has never been more important for hotels to innovate. There are more options available to guests than ever before, and disruptive businesses like Airbnb continue to change the way people think about travel and lodging.

What will you do to stay ahead of the curve?