You want your hotel business to run smoothly.


For this to happen, you need to equip your staff with the proper training and resources they need to succeed.

But it isn’t just the staff that needs training. Your trainer also needs to be guided in the right direction. If they aren’t, it could begin to affect your organization negatively, leading to reduced productivity, conflicts with customers, confusion among team members, and more.

Why is it so critical to train your trainer? Here are several reasons worth considering.

Your Trainer Needs To Be Aware Of Best Practices

Today’s best practices aren’t always tomorrow’s. What used to work yesterday can become quickly outdated, leading to confusion and discord among your team.

From how to greet guests to the process for cleaning guest rooms, one step can sometimes make all the difference. For instance, if certain cleaners should no longer be used in guest rooms, it would be unwise to educate new cleaning staff to continue using those cleaners. That would be counterproductive.

Best practices are important to consider, both from the narrow perspective of what works best for the organization, as well as the broader perspective of what is working for the industry at large at this moment. Trainers should always be aware of what to share with new and existing hires, so they are consistently executing at a high level.

Your Trainer Needs To Remain Up-To-Date

No matter how perfect your system, inevitably it will need to be updated and revised over time. Technology, customer expectations, generational shifts, and a variety of other factors can drive the need for new strategies and methods at your property.

For example, it may not be long before customers expect to be able to check in and checkout at iPad kiosks without human assistance. This doesn’t mean human beings won’t be required on the premises. Rather, it would change the way your staff need to approach guests, as well as their responsibilities.

Company policies can also change over time. Imagine a trainer teaching your staff incorrect and outdated information, simply because they aren’t aware of these changes. You may end up seeing your staff behaving in unexpected ways because they don’t have the latest information. Your trainer absolutely needs to remain up-to-date with the issues surrounding the company, or your staff won’t be.

Your Trainer Needs To Empower Your Staff

A trainer who isn’t trained can’t adequately empower your staff to do the best job they are capable of.

While it may be necessary to take a bit of an individualized approach to training, your staff should still be learning the same information and be provided with the tools necessary to do their job correctly. Otherwise, everybody will be doing things their own way, leading to arguments and disharmony. In other words, your trainer shouldn’t just be “winging it” when it comes time to do their job.

If your trainer isn’t empowering your staff, then they aren’t contributing to the team in a meaningful way. If they don’t have the right answers for your team, then you’ll see many of them improvising instead of acting in congruence with your company brand and values. This could potentially harm your reputation and affect the bottom line of your hotel.

Final Thoughts

It is vital that your trainers be adequately trained to relay the right information to the right people at the right time. Not doing so could lead to unhappy, confused employees and customers. It could also result in fewer bookings and less business.

With the hospitality business becoming increasingly competitive, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes. Keep your trainers up-to-date with the latest information so they can carry out their duties to your high standards.