Countries are slowly starting to reopen, and people are beginning to think about future travel plans. Hotel and travel industries are preparing for the inevitable new normal that is life post-COVID-19. A factor that needs to be considered by every hotel is health and safety.


Over the last few weeks, big hotel corporations, including Marriott and Hilton, have increased their cleaning standards. Marriott launched the Global Cleanliness Council to amplify their hotels’ cleaning protocols and procedures. Hyatt announced its new CleanStay program with Lysol. And most recently, the AHLA launched the “Safe Stay” initiative for enhanced hotel cleaning standards across the globe. 

When your hotel guests are ready to travel again, they will want reassurance that you are doing everything you can to protect their health and safety. 

Now that countries are starting to reopen for travel, it’s time you implement health and safety procedures.

Place your cleaning standards front and center

Clearly state every precaution your hotel is taking. Review the Safe Stay guidelines to ensure you are complying with these guidelines.

If you’re a smaller boutique hotel, take notes from larger chains cleaning standards. Implement a clean-cut policy. For help on what equipment you should have, how to implement social distancing, and suggestions for cleaning practices, visit WHO’s interim guidance.

Stay in touch with your guests

If you have not already done so, create a landing page on your website with all of the information regarding COVID-19. Examples include your cleaning policy, a letter from your GM, your cancellation policy, and other important information you think is imperative during this time.

Ensure this content is easy to navigate and digest. For your FAQ page, put yourself in the mindset of a traveler. Try and anticipate every question that may come your way. Inquiries could include matters such as your elevator policy, contactless check-ins, keyless entry, etc. 

Now is the time to get your cleaning policies in order. Once travel starts up again, consumers won’t just be looking for your star ratings and prices. They will also be looking for your standards of cleanliness. If you have ever received a good review for your hotel’s cleanliness, display that review on your website.

It’s crucial to implement these practices and procedures now to generate revenue and increase bookings for the future, so get started!