States across the country are slowly beginning to reopen, and restaurants are welcoming back diners. Although restaurants are permitted to open their dining rooms in certain parts of the country, there are capacity limitations. Because of this, restaurants are continuing to think of innovative ways to spice up their takeout menu.


When reopening your restaurant, also keep in mind the fact that many people may be wary about reentering restaurants again. The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and many of your costumers will need to slowly ease back into their normal routine.

Due to these realities, it’s time to start thinking about ways you can update your takeout and delivery. From meal kits to family meal bundles, below are a few restaurants that are ahead of the curve when it comes to takeout and delivery.

Cote NYC

This Flatiron Korean barbecue steakhouse is giving “care packages” a new meaning with Steak Care Packages to grill at home. The care package includes 2 one pound ribeyes from Cote’s dry-aging room, four select Korean accompaniments, their house blend salt, and ssamjang.

If you’re a steakhouse or your restaurant sells cuts of meat, a great item to add to your takeout menu is your meat. As the weather gets warmer, and more and more people head outside to grill, the meat will be a hot commodity!


Baking is a popular activity for those that are staying home these days, and this Chelsea doughnut shop is taking advantage of that. The shop added a “Do It Yourself Dougnut Making Kit” to their takeout menu. The kit includes 1 pound of doughnut mix, 4 of their unique sugar blends, and a doughnut depositor.

Does your restaurant have baked goods? Create cute baking kits for your customers, so that they can recreate your famous baked goods at home!


Williamsburg’s southern Italian restaurant is selling Cook At Home kits for families, which include fresh pasta, pints of sauces, and pizza kits.

No matter what type of food your restaurant sells, there is a multitude of ways to offer a unique dining experience to your customers at home. 

Get creative with your specials

Whether or not your restaurant is open for dine-in, create a separate menu for takeout specials. To distinguish your takeout specials, include the name of the special and what you’re offering. Creative names include “Quarantine Kits,” “Lockdown Lunches,” or “Social Distancing Specials.” 

Think about what you’d like to put on your takeout menu. Consider meal kits, family meals, care packages, wholesale ingredients, and even toiletries!

Frozen meals to heat up and eat

Another section you can add to your takeout menu is frozen foods. Think heat-and-eat. Not everyone loves to cook, so thinking of easy ways for your customers to stock up on some of your yummy dishes to put in the freezer and eat at a later date would be beneficial.

Promote your takeout menu on social media

Participate in some of the hashtag campaigns that are widely popular right now include #TakeoutTuesday and #TheGreatAmericanTakeout. 

Utilize some of Instagram’s new features for takeout and delivery, including Instagram story stickers and buttons for your bio. 

No matter the approach you take, think about what your customers like and what kinds of specials and menu items they’d like to see for takeout. Even as states reopen and patrons are eager to dine out again, you’ll want to continue takeout and delivery.