Although states are beginning to reopen slowly, there are still a few roadblocks in the way for restaurants. For starters, there may be a limit to the number of customers allowed in the restaurant, which could hurt revenue. In addition, it is unknown what consumer behavior will be like in this “new normal,” and how slowly the transition from quarantine life will be.


The future may be unclear, but one thing is certain – social media is a powerful and reliable tool for consumers and businesses. During the pandemic and even after it ends, social media can be helpful for your restaurant’s success.

Below are a few ways you can use social media to help your restaurant.

Promote takeout & delivery

Many restaurants pivoted to takeout and delivery once social distancing rules came into effect. Once the pandemic ends, restaurants may continue to promote takeout and delivery, especially if capacity limitations are put into place.

Instagram has new stickers for Instagram stories that enable restaurants to promote takeout and delivery easily. To learn how to use them, click here

Use appealing photos on your social channels, promoting your takeout and delivery services. Reassure your customers that you’re taking every safety precaution. Let them know if you are doing contactless delivery, as this is very popular right now.

Promote gift cards

There are several ways you can promote gift cards on social media. As of recently, Instagram launched a gift card sticker for Instagram stories, making it easier for customers to buy. Additionally, you can also add gift cards as a ‘button’ on your profile. Learn how to use the gift card sticker and button here

You may be closed now, but gift cards are a great source of revenue now for your guests to use later once you reopen. If you’re open, you can still promote your gift cards in creative ways. Ask your customers to buy their loved one a gift with a gift card to your restaurant that they can use for takeout. Or, invite your customers to purchase a gift card for them to use once you can welcome them back!

Engage your audience with social media giveaways

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers is through social media giveaways. Invite your audience to engage with a social media giveaway post by having them tag their friends, add it to their story, follow your restaurant on social media, etc. 

This tactic will increase engagement and followers while also keeping your restaurant at the front of your audience’s minds.

The giveaway can be anything from a dollar amount gift card to a free dinner for two. Be creative, and have fun with it.