With the development of cloud-based technologies, there are huge advantages for restaurants owners and food vendors who want to take their products on the road – spreading the good word about their product. What better way to gain new customers that to get a taste of your specials right in front of them? Cloud-based EPoS software is becoming increasingly popular with restaurant owners for precisely this reason.

An Introduction to Hospitality EPoS Systems

An EPoS system enables each part of the sales process to be linked together – from placing an order to taking payment and replenishing stock. There are varying types of complete hospitality systems but generally restaurants, bars and coffee houses will require a PC, monitor, keyboard (unless the monitor has a touch screen), cash drawer, credit card machine and receipt printer.

Once an order has been placed at the till point, the details are sent through to the kitchen so that the chefs, baristas or bar staff can begin straight away. A back-office computer will also receive the data so that it knows which ingredients or drinks have been ordered and therefore need to be replaced. Sales, staff performance and profit reports can be easily drawn off from the data entered. All the information can be shared either through a wireless internet connection or locally hosted network.

Going Mobile

Till points with EPoS software that processes data via a wireless connection or stores data in ‘the cloud’ only need an internet connection in order to function, meaning that they can be taken anywhere to process sales and orders – while you rest safe in the knowledge that your main databases is being instantly updated. From food festivals to exhibitions, graduation ceremonies to farmer’s markets, you simply need to take a handheld EPoS device with you that can be connected to the Wi-Fi or 3G depending on where you are.

Make Your Food Truck Stand Out

Food trucks have made a huge impact in the catering industry in recent months in the US. They are ideal for promoting your restaurant, bistro or grill at any event including festivals, exhibitions or graduations, but there is now fierce competition between vendors to make their truck stand out the most – whether that’s with flashy designs or just the biggest and best product. Long lines are a sure way to put potential customers off and may even mean that they go over to a rival truck instead – so it’s vital that you not only have a fantastic product to sell, but a quick transaction process. Using hand-held EPoS systems to take orders and send the information directly to the kitchen in your truck, the order gets processed quicker and there is far less chance of an order being forgotten. We all know that EPoS software makes the checkout process far more efficient so why not offer this away from your establishment as well?

EPoS For Caterers

If you’re in the catering business, hand-held devices are equally as effective at wholesale or industry events. Orders can be placed directly using the device and the information is sent straight back to head office allowing them to dispatch any products that need to be delivered and book out anytime that your caterers need to be out and about.

More Efficient Processes

The biggest advantage of cloud-based EPoS software is that your database and stock information is updated instantly. There is nowhere near as much paperwork to go through after an event and money taken will be added to your cash flow straight away. Stock reports are also far easier to keep on top of this way, so you can reorder anything you are short on straight away rather than waiting until everything is accounted for the next day. Any equipment you take with you to any event simply needs to have access to an internet connection, or it can be hosted locally and downloaded to your main database at a later time.

Being able to successfully advertise in this way at events is a sure way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days of long lines, forgotten orders and disgruntled customers at festivals and exhibitions. This is a time for speedy transactions, quick delivery and a fantastic reputation for your business.

Bio: Laura Jennings writes on behalf of EPOSNOW, a market-leading company providing EPoS software and systems for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and hotels.