As restaurants slowly start to reopen their dining rooms, many are trying to find ways to welcome back customers safely. A restaurant group in Hong Kong, Black Sheep Restaurants, is ahead of the curve with a manual on how to handle the pandemic.

Black Sheep Restaurants owns 26 restaurants with around 1,000 employees in total. The group has been creating these guidelines since the pandemic hit China. Recently, they released a manual for restaurants around the world to use. Many restaurants are already using this helpful resource. 

Below are a few of the guidelines covered in the manual. To download the manual, visit here.

Mandate Hygiene Practices

The manual advises the following practices be put into place by restaurants once they reopen their dining rooms:

  • Wash your hands every 30 minutes.
  • Make hand sanitizers and wipes readily available throughout the restaurant.
  • Provide face masks, and require the usage of them by both employees and customers.
  • Schedule a sanitization of all shared surfaces every 30 minutes.
  • Increase cleaning across the board with a deep cleaning every ten days by an external agency. 
  • Ban physical contact, such as high fives, handshaking, etc.

This manual is one of the many guidelines on how to reopen your restaurant for dine-in. The National Restaurant Association released a COVID-19 Reopening Guide for restaurants in April. Their guidelines are still online and available for download.

If you’re a restaurant, consider reviewing all available guidelines and manuals for reopening. You’ll want to follow strict hygiene standards to welcome your customers back to a safe and healthy environment.