As news headlines continue to offer little consolation on when the Coronavirus pandemic will end, we know that things will eventually go back to normal. And when they do, hotels need to be ready to bounce back.


Here are a few ways your hotel can prepare for business after COVID-19 and social distancing ends.

1. Prepare your website

You will want to start by clearly stating you are open and accepting reservations, especially if you closed during the pandemic. If your current website has a pop-up or message from your General Manager that says you are closed, make a new pop-up with a message to guests, ensuring them that you are open and ready for business.

It would be wise to have this message already fleshed out before things go back to normal. That way, you can publish it the minute you open your doors. 

Additionally, keep your other hotel services in mind. If you were open but had closed other services during the pandemic, let your guests know they reopened. These services were most likely the spa, gym, or restaurant within your hotel.

2. Reassure your guests you are taking every health & safety precaution

Even when the country reopens, your guests will be cautious when it comes to their health and safety. You must ensure your guests you care by letting them know every precaution you are taking.

Think of ways you can implement safer arrivals and departures, including sanitized check-ins, apps for contactless arrival and departure, changes in dining, 6 feet social distancing policies, etc. Implementing these actions is critical to increasing guest trust and loyalty.

3. Have a flexible cancellation policy

Again, many of your guests will still be wary of traveling. By having a flexible cancellation policy, your guests will feel more comfortable to book directly. Give your guests confidence to rebook, and increase brand loyalty with a stress-free cancellation policy.

4. Launch an email campaign

Now is a great time to start planning a kickass email campaign to send to your guests. This campaign should announce you are open and accepting reservations. It should also include the health and safety measures you’re taking. 

Offer an exclusive package to guests that have canceled to rebook. Highlight your spas, gyms, and wellness centers. Feature exciting events or landmarks in your area.

5. Repurpose old marketing material

To remain sensitive during the pandemic, you may have had to put off some marketing material, including social, advertising, and email. 

Repurpose your old marketing material and get back out there! Show your guests you’re here and ready to show them a relaxing and enjoyable time. 

Bottom line

Stay focused on the future, and prepare for business after the pandemic. The storm will pass, and you will want to show up on top. Instead of putting it off for the last minute, prepare your assets and materials now, and you’ll be ready to get back to business when this is over.