A powerful marketing tool that is often overlooked is video. Both visual and emotional, videos allow you to reach a broader audience while engaging your customers with valuable content, making you more memorable and setting you apart from the competition.


Video has the power to combine the visual and auditory senses. Viewers get to see the movement and hear the sounds. When these work together, the senses are more able to understand the message you’re trying to convey. 

Studies show that the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when they watch it compared to only 10% of when they read it.

A video without text can set the tone much easier than an image with text. Your customers’ brains also retain visual content better when it’s accompanied by sound. When users watch a video, they’re more apt to remember what they watched compared to when they just see an image with text. 

In addition, video can encapsulate all other types of content into one message. For example, you can use music, images, text, links, and more. Everything is in one space.

Post on YouTube

YouTube is the perfect place to highlight your brand. Millions flock to YouTube every day, and this is the chance to get your brand at the forefront. 

When using this platform for your marketing, you want to create content that is engaging and showcases the inner workings of your brand. This isn’t the place for the hard sell. 

Your goal with YouTube content is to keep your current and potential customers interested so they keep coming back for more.

If you’re restaurant, here are a few ideas:

  • The Chef sharing recipes; How-to videos
  • Staff Highlights
  • Dish Spotlights
  • Day in the Life
  • Restaurant Tours
  • Announcements 

When you start posting videos, create playlists so users can easily find your content. 

Leverage Instagram Stories

The next place you can really let your video shine is on Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform, and people expect incredible photos and video content.

You will want to post videos to Instagram, but you can also leverage the power of Instagram Stories to highlight these same videos. In Stories, you can add hashtags, geotags, emojis, and more. 

Push your marketing even further by putting ad money behind your videos to reach your local audience and beyond.


Now that IGTV works within your Instagram feed, you have even more power to market your brand. Using IGTV, you can post longer videos that really hold your customers’ interest. 

You might think of starting your own cooking channel on IGTV where you can create videos of up to 10 minutes long. It’s best practice to stick to three-five minutes for optimal results. 

You can even use Instagram Stories with your IGTV video as a sort of sizzle reel. This is because individual stories are only 15 seconds, but you can now break up your IGTV videos into 15-second segments. These segments then have a swipe-up feature so users can view the entire video on IGTV. 

Consider IGTV as the place to build a library of videos that you format specifically for the platform. You’ll find you can increase your video views while providing longer, more engaging content with your audience. 

Final Thoughts

Video content takes commitment. When you’re ready to get started, you want to make sure you have a team in place to create the strategy and the content, and film and edit the video in a professional manner. 

You’ll find that when you dedicate yourself to creating engaging video marketing content, you’ll not only drive traffic to your restaurant, but you’ll also increase your loyal following.