While countries around the world begin to lift their stay-at-home orders, individuals are starting to think about traveling again. Since the start of the pandemic, your hotel has probably been preparing for post-COVID with new health and safety practices.


Even though your hotel has high cleanliness standards, there are other essential actions to consider to accommodate your guests. They should feel comfortable the minute they walk through your door. Below are five ways your hotel can accommodate your guests to regain their trust and increase their loyalty.

1. Transparency is key

Your health and safety procedures must be front and center. Create a pop-up on your website with steps your hotel is taking to keep rooms clean, a letter from the hotel manager, and an FAQ page with questions solely based on cleanliness and safety.

Post on social media at least once a week. You don’t want to go radio silent, especially when people are starting to book again. Post photos with accompanying captions on how you are taking health and safety seriously, the procedures you are taking, etc.

Place signage throughout your hotel that is COVID-specific. Consider adding six feet of distance stickers on the floor of your lobby, elevators, and other frequently trafficked areas.

2. Personal Space

Personal space will take on new meaning post-COVID. Greetings are changing to fewer hand-shakes and more distance. Ensure your staff is adequately trained on how to respect your guests’ personal space. 

One of the biggest challenges for your hotel will be finding a positive yet respectful and safe way to check-in your guests. Now is the time to consider contactless check-in with digital apps or website check-ins. 

3. Guest Loyalty Rewards

If your guests are booking with you soon after you reopen, this means they are not only comfortable with spending money but also confident in staying with you. Now is the time to reward your guests for their loyalty to your hotel.

Consider adding rewards programs by offering your guests discounts for booking early. Other rewards can include points towards a future stay, a discount on your spa, or other creative rewards that will motivate your guests to rebook.

4. Branded PPE

The usage of masks and hand sanitizer isn’t going anywhere. And even so, your hotel staff should be required to wear PPE at all times. Additionally, set up hand sanitizing stations around your hotel for guests to use.

To go one step further, now would be a great time to utilize PPE for branding. Consider creating branded face masks and hand sanitizer for your guests who may not have any PPE. 

5. Follow up!

Surveys posted across the internet show travelers’ behavior and thoughts on travel before, during, and after the pandemic. Follow up with your guests by thanking them for their stay and politely asking them to fill out a quick survey. Ask the most important questions that revolve around health and safety, confidence in rebooking with you again, things they would change, etc. Ensure your guests feel safe from the start of their stay to the end of their stay. Research the practices, procedures, and actions that will regain guests’ trust and increase guest loyalty in the long run.