Restaurants are continuing to reopen for outdoor dining as states lift stay-at-home orders. Restauranteurs are equipping their businesses with new and innovative ways to keep contact limited and increase cleaning standards.


If your restaurant is open, you are probably increasing cleaning and sanitizing frequency. However, you may not know which products and procedures are best. Below are a few restaurant cleaning and sanitizing tips to use while you are open.

Use quality cleaning products

Now is not the time to be frugal. Invest in high-quality cleaning products for your employees to use around the clock. Avoid poor quality products, such as disinfectant wipes that are fragile and weak. Use products that help your employees work efficiently. 

Your cleaning products should also have proper absorption. These kinds of products are of higher quality because they don’t leave behind a wet surface. When a wet or damp surface is left behind, contamination may occur either because of the moisture or because you wipe away excess residue before the chemicals have properly sanitized the surface. 

Make cleaning procedures straightforward

Your cleaning procedures should be straightforward and efficient. Plan out simple and clear instructions for your employees to follow. Have separate cleaning procedures at the beginning of the day, during restaurant hours, and at the end of the day. 

Your cleaning procedures should be prevalent to your customers during dining hours. For example, offer hand sanitizer when guests first arrive at their tables.

Your employees should be on the same page when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing procedures to avoid mistakes and issues with customers. Having straightforward methods will help with accuracy and efficiency.

Adhere to CDC guidelines

The CDC recommends using disposable wipes for disinfecting surfaces. Avoid using rags or towels, as bacteria can collect and cause contamination. Refer to the CDC’s reopening guidance for EPA-approved disinfectants to use in your restaurant

Disposable wipes are much more effective and lead to a faster, more efficient cleaning.

Final thoughts

Your customers’ health and safety should be your number one priority at this time. Consider using high-quality products when cleaning, and continue to improve your cleaning and sanitizing procedures.