As the owner of a vibrant bar or lively restaurant, it can be difficult to ensure that security is as it should be 100% of the time. To help maintain the right security levels throughout the day and night, there are many aspects to consider and this post explores some of the most vital forms of protection for your bar or restaurant.

Bar Shutters

Being able to pull down aluminum shutters after last orders is a great way of reducing the chances of theft.  Whether it is to halt an overexcited customer being a little cheeky and trying to help themselves to another drink or perhaps stopping a more serious theft such as the takings from the cash register, strong shutters are a fantastic deterrent and physical barrier. Not only can shutters help to enhance security at a bar or restaurant, they (along with other forms of physical security) can help to reduce insurance premiums so it is certainly worth finding out what value your insurance company places on insurance certified products such as shutters, grilles and bollards.

Window Grilles

When you close up for the night and head home, you simply don’t know who could be looking at the premises with planning on breaking in. Placing grilles in front of all windows especially those on the ground floor will stop criminals from being able to gain access to the property via the windows, giving you additional peace of mind. If you are worried about the installation of grilles detracting from the visual appeal of the property then consider the retractable option as this gives you a flexible security solution.


If your bar or restaurant is situated on a busy stretch of road, bollards could be the ideal solution when it comes to protecting against reckless drivers. Not only would this protect damage to the property from occurring at the hands of a vehicle crash, bollards can also play a vital role in protecting patrons of your establishment from cars careering off the road and hitting them.

Security Staff

When you are working tirelessly to ensure your restaurant or bar is a success through various business related tasks, it can be difficult to look out for any signs of potential trouble. Employing qualified security staff from reputable agencies means you can rest assured that they are able to recognize suspicious behavior and act accordingly to avoid any severe disturbances. Should a dispute escalate quickly, your security staff will have been trained to calm the situation as promptly as possible and eject those who have caused trouble within the bar or restaurant using appropriate force wherever necessary.

Monetary Precautions

It is an unfortunate fact that any bar or restaurant could be the victim of a burglary at any point in time, with thieves motivated by the cash left on the premises. There are a number of solutions you can employ to stop thieves from being able to steal your takings from using a high quality safe to taking regular trips to the bank so the money does not accumulate on site. Armored trucks are also worth considering if your receipts are substantial as a protected and professional courier will transport the money in a secure vehicle on your behalf.

With security breaches becoming commonplace on a nightly basis for bars and restaurants, owners must do all they can to reduce the chances of this happening in their establishment. By taking these options into consideration, you can secure your property and the contents within it as well as making sure staff and customers are protected to the highest of standards.

Bio: Sophie works alongside and has learnt a great deal about just how important products such as roller shutters and bollards are when putting together a watertight security plan for restaurants and bars.