We are continually asking ourselves when the world will reopen? And, of course, how will restaurants reopen?  One thing that has been discussed regarding the reopening restaurants is a requirement for temperature checks before anyone enters a business, including restaurants


Reopening the restaurants and business of New York City will be a difficult task after months of social distancing. Although the end is still considered in the distant future, there are a few things to keep in mind when reopening. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in a recent press briefing, said to stop the spread of COVID-19, patrons of restaurants will have to have their temperature taken before entering. He believes temperature checks will play a vital role in reopening New York City. 

Essential businesses in the U.S. that are currently operating have already implemented this safety measure, requiring a temperature check before someone starts their shift. Examples of where this has been successful include Walmart, Whole Foods, and Starbucks. “It’s a logical part of the equation, and it fits with the testing,” says de Blasio. We need to be continually monitoring for symptoms to stop the spread. 

Temperature checks do present some challenges, however. Obtaining thermometers at this time may be both difficult and costly.  Likewise, getting one or several backups may prove even more challenging. Even if restaurants do have access to thermometers, they may not have the budget or staff to run these checks. Additional unbudgeted costs could add more stress to a restaurant that already has very thin profit margins. 

As the world and restaurants get closer to reopening, we will have more details on how these checkpoints and other safety precautions will be implemented.