We are all facing unprecedented times. New challenges emerge each day, news headlines cause panic, anxiety, and frustration, and uncertainty of when the COVID-19 pandemic will end endures. 


Although we are seemingly separated from each other during these times, and social distancing has kept us from attending large gatherings, going to our favorites restaurants, and attending work and school, people all over the world are still finding ways to support one another.

Restaurants are getting hit hard as the pandemic progresses, and funds are being set up for employees who have lost their jobs and restaurateurs who were forced to temporarily shut their doors. 

The restaurants that continue to stay open are offering takeout and delivery. Some restaurants are donating meals to the healthcare workers on the frontlines. Organizations far and wide are working to help feed the hungry, donate food to hospitals, and support those impacted most by the virus.

Among those that are finding ways to lend a helping hand is TripAdvisor. The well-known travel company has come up with an innovative way to support local restaurants with the help of consumers. 

TripAdvisor has set up a social media campaign called #LoveYourLocal in an effort to raise money for local restaurants. By entering with the hashtag, you can help raise money for restaurants across the country.

Here are three ways you can participate in supporting your local restaurants:

  • Purchase a gift card from your favorite local restaurant, and post a photo of your receipt on social media with the hashtag #LoveYourLocal.
  • Share a TripAdvisor review of your favorite local restaurant on social media with the hashtag #LoveYourLocal.
  • Share a photo of your favorite dish from a local restaurant on social media with the hashtag #LoveYourLocal.

For each post shared with the hashtag, TripAdvisor will give a $1 donation up to $150,000. Proceeds will go towards the World Central Kitchen and The Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation.

If you’re interested in learning more about their efforts, visit TripAdvisor’s information page here