Snapchat makes the art of disappearing all that more intriguing. The app, launched in 2011, provides users with one to ten-second long videos and photos that disappear forever post-view. Originally created all in fun and games, Snapchat has grown into a powerful marketing tool, grabbed up by several notable media outlets. The app is geared towards, and populated by a younger generation of people between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five so for those of you unfamiliar with the app, here’s how it works: users can follow friends, celebrities and companies who have accounts based on phone numbers and usernames. They are then able to send and receive snaps; post and view MyStories, which are snaps that are available for view for 24 hours; as well as follow news and live events.

Snapchat is usually saturated with funny tidbits of daily life, rather than professional behavior, but the app is growing in relevance in the business marketing world. With over 26 million users in the United States alone, there are over 700 million snaps sent each day. Snapchat is such a popular app because millennials seem to prefer pictures to text; we live in a visual world. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat images are raw and unedited content taken in an instant. That’s the beauty of the snaps – they’re instant and truly portray what someone is doing at a given time. Since the photos and videos are so raw (with the exception of a slight added filter or text addition), they create engagement for viewers who feel a personal connection to the people in the snap.

Enticing Your Followers

Snapchat allows for a plethora of neat marketing strategies. Since the videos and photos are here and gone in a matter of seconds, followers pay close attention to the image they know will be gone shortly. Some companies have used the app to show viewers sneak peeks of new products or services. Other organizations have created contests of sorts to keep followers interested and involved with their business. Allowing followers and, hopefully, consumers be able to take a look into the “behind the scenes” life of your company is intriguing as well. It creates a relatable experience for viewers and allows them to feel connected to the organization.

Live Event Snaps

Another feature of Snapchat that has broadened marketing horizons is the live event feature. Any viewer, regardless of who they follow or who follows them, is allowed to to view SnapStories created by the people attending specific events. For example, Snapchat test drove this feature at the Electric Daisy Music Festival where people in and around the location were able to submit their own snaps of the event onto the live feed to be viewed by all. This feature is a great way for businesses to create live events that showcase what they are doing and allow consumers to add fuel to the fire.

Mixing Business Professional & Fun

Since Snapchat is becoming new to professional business, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The language used in the snapchat should be clear, easy to understand and be entertaining. The message conveyed should be personable, approachable and worth the watch. The key is to keep views engaged and wanting more. Snaps should be uploaded everyday but maybe keep a MyStory to under 60 seconds or less so as to keep the attention of a viewer.

Constant Updates

The huge draw to Snapchat is that it is constantly refreshing. The way of the world is being updated and refreshed with news and information as often as possible. Snapchat is the quickest way to do this and in an entertaining way. So get your business on the Snapchat bandwagon! Show clients and viewers a little piece of your world, invite them in and keep them entertained.