Can’t stop watching Instagram cooking tutorials? You are not alone! 


Lately, it seems like everyone on Instagram is cooking. There is a simple joy in watching chefs, celebrities, friends and family cook up mouthwatering recipes from beginning to end. There is such a sense of accomplishment seeing ingredients turn into a beautiful masterpiece.

So Who Is Instacooking/Instabaking? 

Chefs and restaurant owners from around the world are using their smartphones to stream cooking tutorials for people socially distancing that are craving new recipes and cooking techniques. 

Christina Tosi, the founder of Milk Bar, goes live every day at 2 pm EST for an episode of baking club where she shares Milk Bar recipes in a step by step process. She makes sweet treats like fudge sauce, smores cookies, and chocolate malt cake truffles. Her 416,000 followers can’t get enough!

Frank Prisizano, the owner of Lower East Side Italian hot spots Frank’s, Little Frankie’s and Supper, is the original Instagram chef teaching cooking methods rather than recipes. He is sharing recipes from his restaurants like the famous Spaghetti Limone, Cacio e Pepe and a variety of other pasta and veggie methods. Fans are fiercely loyal, constantly giving him praise through Instagram comments and direct messages. 

Chef Noah from The Fulton, a Jean George restaurant located in the South Street Seaport of Manhattan, is sharing simple renditions of restaurant dishes for at-home cooking. He is cooking up meals like lobster with ginger scallion and soba noodles and salmon with a lime vinaigrette. These tutorials give a look into one of New York’s most reputable restaurants kitchens. 

Eric Ripert, Chef & Co-owner of @LeBernardinNY, is doing step by step cooking tutorials. His recipes are not the menu items from his 3 Michelin starred restaurant but rather approachable meals with ingredients everyone has on hand. He is cooking up frozen pizzas, shrimp pasta and salmon with lentils. 

Why Should Restaurants Instacook? 

Since the world is social distancing, many people are in their kitchen preparing meals for themselves. If you’re a restaurant, now would be a great time for your guests to try and recreate some of your dishes. Social media outlets can be used to stay in contact with restaurant regulars, and combat a sense of helplessness during this weird time. Cooking tutorials on Instagram are a great way to feel connected to your guests and expand your social media following. This could also be a great way to attract new customers that have not been to your restaurant before but will want to try it once you reopen. 

People are longing for a social connection and delicious food! Watching videos of their favorite restaurant’s chefs builds a special bond between guests and those restaurants and results in delicious dinners. 

How Should Restaurants Instacook? 

Your most well-known chef from the back of house should grab a smartphone and start cooking! Either cook your restaurant’s recipes or if you don’t want to give away your restaurant secrets, cook simple, comforting meals with ingredients most people have access too. 

Grow and connect with your audience. Make this an interactive experience. Ask questions, answer questions and try to respond to every direct message. 

In such uncertain times, people want to feel connected to the community they love and what better way than through the stomach?