Hotel Reward

Hotel Rewards

Retaining customer loyalty with a rewards program can be a fun way to generate repeat business for your hotel. If your hotel is well-run and in great condition, loyalty comes easily, but with recent events, even many repeat guests have been hesitant to return to their favorite hotels. So, what can you do to encourage your guests to return? A rewards program is a great way to boost repeat bookings and show your guests you care.


Why Offer a Hotel Reward Program?

A rewards program encourages guests to stay with you longer or more frequently, especially if they know that they’ll earn rewards like free nights or other valuable perks for their repeat business.


What Kind of Hotel Reward Should You Offer?

The kind of rewards you offer your guests is essential. Some hotels offer rewards points redeemable for room service, laundry service, and even free nights. Others offer gift cards that can be used for discounts on everything from rental cars to retail purchases. Rewards are generally accrued based on nights spent at your hotel or on dollar amounts spent at your hotel.


How Do I Launch a Hotel Reward Program?

Starting your own rewards program is easy with the right software. A simple google search can put you in touch with a list of hotel-friendly software programs that can help you create and track customer loyalty programs. Prices range by software, but hopefully, your software will soon pay for itself with enough repeat stays.


Should You Offer a Hotel Reward Program?

Choosing to offer a rewards program and what kind of rewards program to provide are important decisions. Offering points redeemable for a free room is usually the most affordable choice, but giving your guests options is always appreciated. You can offer immediate use promotions such as ‘stay five nights, get one free’ or points programs with offers such as ‘stay five nights, earn 10,000 points towards a later stay.’

Recently, hotels like the Best Western chain have modified their rewards programs to allow more points for fewer stays. In the case of Best Western, they are providing guests with the opportunity to earn elite status faster, allowing them to accrue points. They can then use these points at a later date on rooms or gift cards for other businesses. This encourages guests to return and hopefully add on additional days at full price.

Whether you choose to offer free nights or other perks, creating a rewards program for your loyal guests can be just as rewarding for your guests as it is for your hotel.