Maybe, it has shown up in your inbox already, but SeamlessWeb, as we know it, is no more. The new name is “Seamless.” There is no need to worry, as in general, barely anything has changed (all the previous information will move over to the new address It would all seem like an elaborate stunt if it wasn’t for the forthcoming changes in the customer ordering interface the company announced.

You’ll see when you go to their main site, now, that on the corner they give customers a preview of what to expect if they didn’t get an email. Seamless is smart to move over slowly as to minimize confusion. For restaurant owners, everything will move over to the new site ( and the new name Seamless, down to what appears on credit card statements.

So there are a few things that are going to change. In the near future, Seamless is promising improved design and navigation with the inclusion of room for food photos. At this point, we cannot confirm at this time whether the photos will incur an extra charge. Seamless promises that search will get bette,r along with the introduction of revamped Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

As we don’t see how it really does anything but increase the possibility for confusion, the rebranding of SeamlessWeb is somewhat a mystery. Nonetheless, your restaurant’s ordering service will be there in the morning, with or without the “web”.

If you still don’t believe us and want to see it in their own words, check out this link.