As the crisis of COVID-19 progresses, restaurants continue to suffer and the unemployment level is rising. Now more than ever, these employees need our help. Many relief programs are launching across the country, with open donations for employees financially suffering during this time. One in particular is  the Restaurant Strong Fund,  launched by Samuel Adams and the Greg Hill Foundation in mid-March.


The Restaurant Strong Fund

Initially, the Boston-based brewery launched the Restaurant Strong Fund in their home of Massachusetts. On April 3rd, Samuel Adams Beer announced that they are expanding to 20 states including New York, Florida, and California.

The fund offers $1,000 grants to restaurant workers in 20 different states in an effort to support restaurant employees deeply affected by the pandemic. 

As a kickstart, Samuel Adams donated $2 million, and as of Monday morning the Restaurant Strong Fund raised over $2.7 million, according to their website.


In order for an employee to qualify for the grant, “an individual must have worked at a restaurant, bar, cafe or nightclub located in one of the 20 states, been a full-time employee, and employed for three months or longer at the same location,” according to CNN

The individual must also submit the last two full-time (30 hour) pay stubs. The full list of locations eligible for the grant is listed on their application site

While we are all struggling through these difficult times, it is heartwarming to see so many people supporting one another and giving back to the hospitality industry.

If you’re interested in supporting restaurant workers in your state, donate to the Restaurant Strong Fund here. To find out more about how you can help your local restaurants, visit our website.