The goals of any restaurant website should be acquiring new customers and providing pertinent information about the restaurant such as the type and prices of the food offered.

Of equal importance is that customers can find the restaurant website through common local searches and keyword combinations. This accomplishes two things: first, it ensures that customers familiar with a restaurant find it; secondly, it draws in new customers that are searching for terms that describe that restaurant. Gourmet Marketing assists our restaurant clients in doing this, granting them the online accessibility needed for growth.

We plugged in many combinations of “Mediterranean Restaurant” along with “Pera Mediterranean Restaurant” into the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then we fine -tuned the text on the website to obtain the best possible search engine result placement. Now, Pera Mediterranean Restaurant’s website shows up on the first page of those targeted searches, if not in the first few listings.

With search engine optimization, we achieved our goal of giving Pera Mediterranean Restaurant’s website the most online exposure possible through search engines. This positive exposure will funnel potential customers to the restaurant’s website and eventually, into their establishment.