While we all shelter in place, many of us are getting used to dining in every night. While some opt for takeout, others like to mix it up in the kitchen.


To support restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic while also giving people something exciting and new to try at home, Meez launched a new initiative called “Recipes for Relief.”

Recipes for Relief is an online marketplace where chefs, mixologists, and restaurateurs can share their recipes to the public to raise money for their businesses. One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards the chefs, their businesses and staff, or the organization they are supporting. 

How it works

The website offers a plethora of unique dishes and drinks recipes for the public to purchase. Each recipe has three fixed prices to choose from, at $2, $5, and $10. The buyer also has the opportunity to donate an additional amount of their choosing.

On the site, chefs’ recipes are included from restaurants such as The Penrose, Sunday in Brooklyn, MeltShop, and The Little Beet Table.