Gourmet Marketing made a major step forward today. We have launched our newest website, which by any measure is a substantial improvement. It is faster, has a smoother interface, more complete, and easier on the eyes.

We have fleshed out all of Gourmet Marketing services, giving everyone a view into the work we do for clients everyday.  The portfolio is much more comprehensive and shows some of the newest technologies and websites. Here are some of the improvements:

  1. Faster, Smoother  Interface for Better User Experience
  2. More Developed Services Section
  3. Separate Company Blog
  4. Upgraded Article Organization
  5. New, More In-depth Restaurant Essentials
  6. Learning Center for Restaurant Owners

Browse our Learning Center

However, the greatest change is our Learning Center, which takes over and expands on Gourmet Marketing’s blog. We decided to dedicate ourselves to giving accurate and insightful information to restaurant owners in a systematic and help way.

This involved some housekeeping and reorganization, but most of the new effort was put to our Restaurant Essentials. The Restaurant Essentials will provide help in all of the major issues that confront a restaurant owner, and will be complete over the next month or so.  This valuable, thorough information is free, except for sharing on social media the particular article you would like to read. We want to bring attention to the content, and when a reader shares, it will definitely go a far way to doing that.

The Learning Center includes much more, such as several reviews of restaurant related technologies, a guest blog post section, and the first few Guides.

Well, without further a do, check out the website and give us your opinion.