As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more hotels are shutting down. The low occupancy rate is hurting the hotel industry, and many are struggling to keep up. While we seem to be “flattening the curve,” the end date is still unknown.


Hotels continue to open up rooms and, in some cases, entire floors to hospital workers and first responders. What’s new, however, is the concept of opening up day rooms as offices.

Day rooms have been a concept used by hotels for quite some time, especially by airport hotels for people with long connections.

However, as of recently, Hyatt properties have come up with a more innovative concept by marketing day rooms as offices.

For example, Hyatt House Salt Lake City Downtown is offering “Day Use Office” rates of up to $59 per day to stay between 8 AM and 5 PM, according to

Can this work for everyone?

There are both positives and negatives to marketing day use offices at your hotel. For starters, it’s a great way to increase revenue, especially during these financially challenging times.

Many people are working from home, and having a change of scenery could be nice. Remote work may go on for quite some time, even after the country is reopened. Therefore, escaping to a hotel for the day to do some office work may be just what those remote workers need. 

However, there are a few issues with this concept, as well. While the change of scenery may be helpful for a day or two, these guests will eventually have to return home. If they aren’t living alone, they will have to worry about the health risks they are possibly imposing on their families.

Final Thoughts

Although there are potential risks associated with this new concept of day use offices, I believe that once the dust settles and things slowly turn back to normal, the offices will come in handy for those continuing remote work. Additionally, innovative ideas like this one open up the possibility for more creative ideas hotels can use to increase revenue.