Here at Gourmet Marketing, our team is made up of multi-talented individuals from across the globe. We believe that having a wide range of strengths and perspectives is the key to finding all the right solutions for any marketing challenge. We are always seeking out the best in creativity and innovation.

Check out the newest member of our group, Hannah, and learn more about what you’ve been reading on our site!
Hi, I’m Hannah, Gourmet Marketing’s newest resident hungry genius. I say this because this team is made up of people who tirelessly chip away at large ideas to make the world of marketing a better place. We all have our strengths, and mine lies somewhere between the countless debates I had while earning my degree in Psychology, and the hundreds of papers I wrote while earning my degree in Africana Studies. I care about understanding people – all people – and delivering what they need in the most creative and efficient ways.  What does this have to do with hospitality marketing? Servicing service industries for people who desire services? A lot, it means a lot. Successful marketing isn’t made up of simple equations because these industries are constantly evolving. Luckily, the team I am proud to be a part of is too. We are always working incredibly hard at the trial and error, failure and success mountain that is this business. We’re proud to bring innovation and ingenuity to all of our clients and projects, and I am honored to be a part of it all.I pick minds (my own especially), brainstorm hurricanes, and execute strategies. I also write about it all, right here on this website. I invite you to stay up to date on the latest and greatest of the hospitality industry and hope you become as passionate as I am to enter the world of marketing. Settle in, we’ve got a lot to explore and way more energy than (is socially acceptable) you can imagine.