Restaurants are beginning to reopen for dine-in at low capacity and outdoor dining. If your restaurant is reopening, don’t rely solely on dine-in to help you bounce back. Takeout and delivery were popular before the pandemic and will continue to be thereafter.

Many people will be hesitant to come right back out again to dine with you. So although you’re reopening, continue to take advantage of takeout and delivery. 

During the pandemic, restaurants decided to take a very unique and innovative approach to delivery. Below are a few restaurants that went above and beyond to make their customers’ delivery a memorable experience.

Dante NYC

The 105-year-old beloved Greenwich Village cafe provides customers with a special treat when they order delivery. With their order, customers receive a complimentary bottle of Perrier and San Pellegrino sparkling water and a hand-written note with custom art by Riley Sheehey.


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Global restaurant, Zuma, features modern authentic Japanese cuisine with a variety of unique dishes. To bring a taste of Zuma home with its customers, the restaurant provides guests with a beautifully decorated brunch box hand-painted with cherry blossoms. 

But wait, there’s more! A Spotify playlist to set the mood while dining at home. Within each box is a QR code to the restaurant’s playlist. 


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Maple & Ash

If your guests are wary about hosting a dinner party at your restaurant, bring the dinner party to them! Maple & Ash created custom-printed menus for their guests for takeout and delivery. Customers can choose the message, and Maple & Ash prints the menus out for them. These custom menus add a fun twist to the dinner party experience at home.


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If you’re looking to spice up your delivery, consider adding a few surprises for your customers. Create a “box” with goodies on how to make a special cocktail, a baked good, or a dinner dish. Think about special event packages you can make for your customers for birthdays, graduations, holidays, etc. 

Keep delivery at the forefront of your business as you slowly reopen for dine-in. Although you are welcoming b back customers, you’ll want to continue takeout and delivery for extra revenue. Delivery will never go out of style, so take advantage of its rising popularity.