iPads are coming to town, and this time it isn’t only for personal use. Now they are finding their way onto restaurant tables as tools to order food and pay for meals. Even though it’s financial soundness is untested and may not appeal to all, younger generations will come to expect technology being used to make dining easier and more direct.

It isn’t going to happen overnight, and it may not take over for decades but it definitely will change the staff dynamics and economics of a restaurant when the transition occurs. In the immediate future, though it will surpass the novelty phase (stop being an attraction by itself) and become an issue of numbers. The costs of using servers over the long-term is undoubtedly higher than buying and maintaining iPads for menus and receipts. Also, in the beginning, restaurants might be hesitant because of the upfront costs. It goes without saying that many like the system just the way it is.

Indeed, you don’t have to monitor the Internet consistently yet, worrying about being left behind your competitors. However, iPads, and similar devices, will get better suited for business applications. The price will eventually come down, and then we won’t know who to tip.