As your hotel prepares to welcome back guests, you’ll want to begin thinking of ways to improve the guest experience. Your hotel is likely your guests’ first rest stop for relaxation since the start of the pandemic. Therefore, it’s necessary to make their stay as comfortable and peaceful as possible.


According to Arch Daily, light is the most important design element, as it can largely affect the mood of a room and its occupants. In this case, your guest rooms should have the right lighting to ensure positive moods. 

Below, we go over a couple of different areas your hotel can focus on for light design elements to enhance the guest experience. 


Start with a one-system solution for your guests’ stay to be stress-free and relaxing. A one system controller includes curtain control, lights, and room temperature. If one system is not attainable for your hotel, consider offering simple controls for your guests that let them personalize their room’s settings.

To go one step further, your hotel can invest in touchless room technology such as sensors that turn the lights on when someone enters the room. Your guests do not want to enter a pitch-black room and search for the light switch. They will also appreciate the thought that went into making their stay comfortable.

Another pleasant convenience is a bedside light control, giving guests the option to turn off their light without leaving the bed. 

Finally, having ambient lighting with a dimmer switch gives your guests the chance to decide which lighting would best fit their mood. If they’re winding down for the night, some dim lighting will provide them with the relaxation they need. 


Your lobby is your guests’ first impression. You don’t want bright, fluorescent lights giving a beautifully designed space a cold, unwelcoming feel. During the day, keep shades open for nice natural lighting to flood in. At night, use warm lighting to give the room a soft glow. The goal is to have your guests feel at ease the minute they walk through your door.

While you prepare for the winter season, lighting is more important than ever. But no matter where your hotel is located, keep light design at the top of your list. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness, which will potentially lead to rebooking.